What is the detecting area/range?

First, we have to define what to detect, small or larger movement

We mostly deal with two situations,

  • small 1-10 mm stationary movements (e.g. sitting or unconscious person)
  • person moving around

The range depends on

  • the damping in the path between the sensor and the object. The damping depends on the material properties and its thickness comprar cialis generico.
  • the size, material and shape of the object
  • the movement size, type and direction
  • the overall surrounding activity, gives how sensitive the sensor can be set

The width of the scanned sector depends on the antenna in the sensor. Cinside sensors typically have a width of 35 to 90 degrees. Attention should be made that the systems are not totally blind outside these typical given angles but have the main sensitivity within that sector.

A rule of thumb is that Cinside CPR4 handheld sensor (10 GHz) can detect a moving person within a 70 degrees sector (35 degrees for the CIP which has a narrower beam and slightly higher sensitivity)

  • up to 2 meters behind a 20 cm reinforced concrete wall
  • up to 10 meters behind an interior wall
  • more than 20 meters without obstacles

With the 2 GHz systems (e.g. HumanFinder and StickRadar) we can achieve more penetration to the cost of small movement sensitivity.

Categories: Rescue, Security
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