CiGuard is a hi-resolution short range mmWave 3D-radar to detect static or moving objects such as humans and other obstacles. It is physically and functionally extremely robust, it operates in industrial harsh conditions.

Different frequency bands are used for different applications due to regional regulations, mainly 60 GHz band for industrial fixed mount and 79 GHz band for mobile applications. Fortunately, the frequency band from 76 GHz to 81 GHz has been accepted by most countries.

Cinside can offer the system to conform to the regulations for your specific application.

CiGuard may be adopted to user needs to optimize size and cost. 

Examples of use

  • Machine safety, guard dangerous areas to ensure personnel safety
  • Navigation, collision avoidance for mobile platforms
  • Machine vision, measure an object position, a height, a volume
  • Smart City applications
  • Security and surveillance