CPR4 Package

One of the world's smallest wall penetrating radar!

We believe it’s the best value solution. The CPR4 can be fixed mounted, handheld or attached with adhesive to observe an area of interest. 

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Adjustable functions

CPR4 is a handheld easy-to-use device for detection of moving objects behind walls or other obstacles. A person hiding or trapped may be detected several meters behind a wall. If there are moving objects, the operator will be alerted immediately. 

Some features of the CPR4:

Components of the CPR4 Package

  • One CPR4.
  • One rugged smart phone with our pre-configured monitoring software CiMonA for wireless monitoring.
  • Power adapter with 2xUSB, input 110- 230VAC international AU, EU, UK, US. 
  • Ruggedized PELI™ case for harsh field use.
  • One set of 4 AA NiMH low discharge batteries.
  • Connection cables.
  • User manual.
  • Quick Start Up Guide.

Optional Parts

  • USB-stick with documentation and extra materials.
  • Spare batteries.
Content may slightly vary!

We continuously update the various parts to the most recent versions!

Additional equipment and spare parts are available.