HDS – Human Detection System

Intended for remote monitoring and our most comprehensive system!

Includes 4 x CIP radar sensors and a rugged android tablet with CPR-MON installed for efficient surveilling and other security operations.

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HDS is a package consisting of 4 CIP radars for the ultimate remote monitoring solution. The multiple sensors can be synced to conduct readings together and thereby offering superior detection. 

The system was created for detection of moving objects behind walls or other obstacles. A person hiding or trapped may be detected several meters behind a wall. If there are moving objects, the operator will be alerted immediately. 

The CIP radars can be mounted on walls for high accuracy of measurement and fast responses.

Some features of HDS:

The four CIPs are our smallest radar systems without a display, optimal for concealed readings. 

If several CIPs are monitored at the same time, it might be helpful to identify them with a friendly name.

Up to 4 units can be remotely controlled and monitored on an Android or Windows device.

Easily powered and charged with a standard mini USB-cable. 

Between 8-16 hours of battery while in operational use. The battery life varies, it depends on which settings that are active.

Components of HDS - Human Detection System (Swords)

  • 4 x CIP radar sensors
  • 1 x Power adapter 4 x USB, 110-230 VAC
  • 4 x USB power cables 5m
  • 1 x Ruggedized CAT Android unit
  • 1 x CiMon monitoring software
  • 1 x Ruggedized carrying case
  • 1 x Operating manual
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We continuously update the various parts to the most recent versions!

Additional equipment and spare parts are available.