The optimal concealed wall penetrating radar!

CIP – Cinside Puck, the remote sensor similar to the CPR4 but without display, intended for remote monitoring.


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Adjustable functions

The CIP is our radar sensor that can be mounted on walls for high accuracy of measurement and fast responses. 

CIP is available in different versions, eg CIP-NB which have a narrower beam especially useful when several sensors work together.

Some features of the CIP:

Smaller and lighter than the CPR4, easy to conceal. 

Our most noise cancelled solution allows for exact outputs to give best possible conditions in critical operations.

Up to 4 units can be remotely controlled and monitored on an Android or Windows device.

In cooperation with our partner Acustek Ltd we have specially designed a kit named SWORDS with four CIP-NB, a ruggadised operator terminal and monitoring software, all packed in a Pelican case ready to go out of the box.

Easily powered and charged with a standard mini USB-cable. 

Fully charged batteries will last for 8-16 hours depending on what settings are used.