CiWater New Portable Demonstrator

Water leakage demonstrator

We have put together the necessary components to simply describe and practically present the new ground-breaking principle to find water leakages in a portable package. The video below shows our scaled down demonstration of the CiWater technology. We are using a CPR4 device and a minimalistic environment to show how small water-flows we can detect. The wireless smartphone display alerts a detection with the big down-pointing sector turning red, otherwise it is green. Also alert sounds are produced by the radar (beep) and the smartphone (chime).

This new mini demonstrator will be presented at the Water and wastewater fair in Jönköping Sweden 25-27 September 2018. We will exhibit within the Innovation Square of WinWater stand MG01:26.

The real CiWater device is under development and is a brief-case sized radar capable to detect very small flows of water on 1-3 meters depth. Our technology makes it possible to find leakages from all type of pipes and traffic (sound) conditions.

To finalize the product and to prepare for market introduction we are looking for more end-users for feedback and verification, and investors to able more tasks to be executed in parallel. If you are interested in participating or funding please fill in our short survey.

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