FAQ – Common Questions

Technical information about the CPR4

Yes, the device can see through all types of materials except a homogeneous metal plate. Reinforced bars are not an issue. All building materials have different characteristics and affect the signal differently. Generally, the thicker the wall is the more affected the signal will be since the wall suppresses the signal and lessens/limits the range.

The device is the most sensitive in a sector of 70 degrees forward. The range depends on how great the suppression is, which in turn depends what material and how thick the wall is that the radar wave is supposed to pass through. Typical values are 1-3 meter behind a 20 cm reinforced concrete, 5-10 meter behind a normal inner wall and 25-30 meter without hindrance.

This depends on the distance and suppression. Typical vales are mm for a few meters’ distance and cm for several meters’ distance.

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