Remote Monitoring

We have software for remote monitoring of several devices. The software is available for use on different ruggedized devices for remote monitoring, both Android and Windows.

Geoplot-m-larm           screenshot_2016-04-06-21-25-04

Above are examples of views from the CiMon software, Windows version to the left and the Android version to the right.


Above is the Algiz10x, a ruggidized Windows tablet computer.

Our Android monitoring software works on most Android smart phones. If you order the monitor device from us in combination with your sensors we will pre-install and configure the software for you so it is just to go, out of the box.


Algiz RT7 is a 7″ Android device

CPRMon and puck

CAT S30/S40/S50


CAT S60 with an integrated FLIR IR-camera for even more multi purpose use.